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Football is more than a game, it’s a way of thinking about the world. Our One Goal is to use the undeniable power of the beautiful game to bring people together to put sustainable agriculture at the top of the global development agenda. We are building a new team under a shared goal to change the game so that everyone wins. Climate change is a significant and growing threat to food security—already affecting vulnerable populations in many developing countries. It is expected to affect an ever increasing number of people as the global population grows and incomes in poor countries rise, placing immense pressure on food production. UPL is on a mission to showcase the positive contribution agriculture can make to the carbon conversation as we transform the sector to meet society’s food needs today, without sacrificing those of tomorrow.

Sustainable Development in Agriculture


Supporting one sustainable world

UPL is on a mission to harness the power of football to set a new agenda for how we think about food security, climate change, sustainable agriculture, and our relationship with the natural world.

Sustainable World


Where people and the planet are united for a more sustainable world

Through our OpenAg purpose, UPL is uniting people and players across the world under a shared belief that by working together we can create sustainable growth for all.

Healthy Sustainable Development


To make tomorrow sustainable, healthy, and fair for everyone

Agriculture has an important role to play in making our #OneFuture sustainable, fair, and healthy, not just for every person but for the places they call home. The future of agriculture will be led through a new green revolution, taking climate positive steps to build a better future for everyone.

One dream


Using the power of football to educate and build a better future

Through harnessing and channelling the passion and spirit that football nurtures, we can inspire communities to reimagine sustainability and believe in the possibility of a prosperous ecosystem in which our environment, our soils, our food systems and our famers thrive.



Inspiring girls & boys in rural communities to make sustainable choices

As a trusted partner within agricultural communities across the developing world , UPL is lighting the path by finding new ways to inspire young people in rural communities to choose a new food future.

One dream


For farmers to be part of the carbon solution

UPL believes farmers are the world’s heroes. Through tools, technologies and training we’re empowering them to secure our food future whilst safeguarding our environment.

UPL x FIFA One Team


FIFA foundation + UPL + farmers + communities of the world

With the planet watching, UPL will encourage a new appreciation for the catalysing power of teamwork combined with the transformative power of agriculture.


The Planet’s Toughest Opponent

At UPL we believe that global agriculture is poised to play its most important role yet – having so far fed our population it must now also sustain our planet through playing a transformational role tackling our toughest opponent yet: climate change.

We are rethinking the purpose of agriculture as a climate positive force which must both adapt to climate change and contribute to its mitigation. Guided by our OpenAg purpose, we place collaboration at the heart of progress and believe that together, the power of football and knowledge of carbon solutions, can go a long way in facilitating the transition to net zero.

Environmental Agriculture

Environmental Own Goal

Sustainable agriculture can bring significant benefits by optimising land use while improving farm management. But today, every second, one football pitch of forest is converted into agricultural land. Unless we rewrite the rulebook for how we farm, conventional methods will continue to degrade land, reduce crop productivity over time put forests at risk. Agricultural practices must instead be part of the solution for regulating ecosystems, protecting biodiversity, capturing carbon, supporting livelihoods, and helping drive sustainable growth.

For the past 50 years, UPL has focused on reducing the environmental impact of agriculture, both through new technologies and simple interventions.

Environmental Sustainability

Climate Champions

We can no longer be spectators in the climate fight. This is our moment to step down from the stands and to come together reimagine sustainability by rethinking the role of agriculture. If we’re to meet the needs of a ballooning population, we must support farmers to adopt more sustainable agriculture practices and transform their livelihoods.

For more than 50 years, as a trusted partner in agricultural communities, UPL has been making farmers the heroes of food systems by supporting them with the tools, technologies and training they need to feed the world all whilst helping nature heal. We are walking hand-in-hand with farmers on the path to better solutions and greater choice for both farmers and consumers worldwide.

Key Statistics

1 billion

People are going hungry, while we waste 1/3 of the food we produce.


More food will be needed by 2050 to feed the future world population.

3.3 billion

Tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted from wasted food.


Of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by food.

Road to The World Cup

As the excitement for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ builds, we are thrilled to share our journey with the FIFA Foundation as we work together to use football as a platform to raise awareness of a hat trick of key social and environmental issues, including the positive impact that sustainable development, environmental protection, educating young people can make within society

We have already kicked off our first ten year programme that will enable the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and reward small holder farmers in emerging countries for adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

In Brazil, UPL will collaborate with the FIFA Foundation’s ‘Football for Schools’ program to engage underprivileged children in interactive sessions focused on developing life skills and promoting values through football. UPL will coordinate access to the FIFA Football for Schools program for up to 30 schools in rural areas of Brazil, in conjunction with industry partners and local authorities. The FIFA Foundation will provide leadership, program material and football expertise.

As we head towards November, join us in the build up to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and make sure to follow our blog series for more exciting updates.

Jai Shroff UPL CEO
“Football is a universal language. If we can use it to power people’s understanding of food systems, how they work, and why the world needs them to be sustainable, then it’s a win-win for people and the planet. Our OpenAg® purpose places collaboration at the heart of progress, with the goal of reimagining sustainability and transforming sustainable food systems.”

Jai Shroff

Global CEO of UPL Group

Fatma Samoura FIFA Secretary General
“We are delighted to welcome UPL as a Regional Supporter for the South American market ahead of next year’s much-anticipated competition. UPL is a leading global brand in its sector and one that shares FIFA’s commitment to development and education in society through football.”

Fatma Samoura

FIFA Secretary General


FIFA Social


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